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From the beginning, our goal was making school a more personal learning experience for all students. So we built software committed to delivering just that. MindMap is a gamified personality assessment that helps teachers and guidance counselors, by giving them more info on their students personality traits, career interests, and unique learning styles.


ScholarMe, the latest program out of the Testify Labs, is on one simple mission and that is to become the common application of scholarships. When students sign up for ScholarMe, they only have to fill in one universal application that gets sent to hundreds of scholarship organizations, saving them time and stress throughout the college process.


Our new Courseview software from our recent partnership with True Dimension Inc. is able to accurately predict a student’s final course grade for their upcoming classes. In combination with MindMap teachers are able to proactively help students who may need more guidance than others. Counselors can also use this information to guide students into subjects they would have more success in.

Coming Q4 2017


This is our newest product and most likely one of our most fun and innovative projects we’ve worked on as a team. We have created learning “playgrounds” using low cost mobile virtual reality headsets for students to understand abstract concepts much more easily. Imagine learning about the dinosaurs one minute and experiencing them right in front of you the next.

Coming Q3 2017