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MindMap: Our First Step To Personalized Learning

For Students. By Students.

— MindMap: Our First Step To Personalized Learning

For Students, By Students. We live by this quote everyday, whenever we step into the office or meet with teachers and counselors, or get feedback from students just like us. We started out as a rag tag group of kids in high school just trying to figure out our path, our purpose, and what role school played in that. My three co-founders and I had at one time discovered that learning is not just confined to the classroom but can be applied anywhere in the world. We each had teachers who we considered instrumental in our development today because they took the time to understand each of us on a more personal level. When we felt like we belonged in class we prospered. We wanted to bring this same feeling to millions of kids who like us, feel disengaged in the classroom learning experience. Out of this frustration and renewed hope came our transformative program which we call MindMap.

With MindMap teachers are able to understand their students on a deeper level from the first day students step into class. We’re able to really understand the uniqueness of each and every students from a 15 minute game that students play on their phones and provide recommendations to teachers to make students feel more belonged in each class.

This is our first step in our goal of personalized learning, and we’re hoping to make strides so that bright students like us are no longer lost in the standardization of our current education system. We were smart kids but our grades sucked because we never felt engaged in class and we’re changing this problem of disengagement one classroom at a time with the MindMap app.


Thanks for reading and we hope you get involved with our mission here at Testify. You can always reach out to me at femi@testifyschool.com or my team at team@testifyschool.com

Femi Adebogun

CEO, Testify

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